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Adde Shop is a level where players can give all the picked up artifacts to the Crow and exchange them into items and hearts, as well as buying weapons from an Eagle. There are three spots on the shelves which can include a particular weapon or a random one (marked with question mark). Prices are written above the weapon's icon. To read the statistics of every weapon on sale, a player has to step on the tile in front of it. Players can also steal from the shop to get an item for free, but doing so will upset the Eagle who will leave the shop until players loop.
If Story mode is played in co-op and one of the players is dead, they will be frozen in the ice and can be revived in the shop. To do so, alive player must interact with the ice, costing half of their current HP, which will be given to the reviving one. If they are at 1 HP, co-op player can't be revived.


Tips[ | ]

  • Picking up your items in a specific order can dramatically impact your run, as different items interact with each other in varying ways. For example, picking up Red Juice at full health before another Max HP up item can effectively give you +2 Max HP. Additionally, you can earn more money before making purchases, find a Tag or Crate which can impact your weapon purchases, or get items to intentionally kill yourself for the related unlock.
  • If the Crow gives you Lost Package and you get the Artifact instead of a Max HP gain, you can immediately give that artifact to the Crow.
  • In Co-Op the drops from the Crow can be shared by both players.
  • Healing in the shop can make the revival of a dead player possible.
  • A chest can spawn in the shop. To cause this, the player must repeatedly enter the shop, then leave without buying a weapon or trading in artifacts. On the third visit, the chest will spawn to the right of the weapons, and may be opened for free to receive random chest loot. You do not need to be carrying any artifacts on any visit for this to occur.
  • Many unlocks are achievable through shop interactions, including dying in the shop, stealing from the Eagle 10 times across runs, reviving the co-op player multiple times in one run, and purchasing 5 items over the course of a run.