Blazing Beaks Wiki

The Seeds system in Blazing Beaks lets players enter a seed number which is used when generating levels. A seed is a 9 digit number that can be edited before selecting characters for balls next run. Each run with the same seed will have the same level layouts, the same amount of enemies in each level, and the same type of enemies in each level. In seeded runs all items and artifacts can be dropped and all weapons can be used, but you are unable to unlock any locked items in seeded runs.

Due to game mechanics, seeded runs have some variation of dropped loot outcome. This is because loot dropped depends on player actions and other various things, for example:

  • individual characteristics of items currently in possession.
  • individual characteristics of artifacts currently in possession.
  • passive abilities of each character.
  • player decisions on either to pick up an artifact or not.
  • player decisions on either to bring artifacts to the Crow or not.
  • which mode (single player or co-op) is played (co-op items and artifacts become available to be dropped in co-op mode).

Our community member btvoidx made a convenient tool for those who want to convert any word or sentence to 9 digits Blazing Beaks seed. Check it out here.