Blazing Beaks Wiki

There are various objects that can be encountered in Blazing Beaks. Some of them are common for all the areas and some of them are area specific. Each of them has different functionality.
Below you can find a summary of all the objects that can be interacted with in Blazing Beaks.

Chests[ | ]

Chest Chests can be found in secret or locked rooms. You can find coins and hearts, keys, active abilities, items, and artifacts inside.

Trading machines[ | ]

Trading machines can be found in locked rooms. The outcome of using them can be different depending on the type of the machine you found.

Image Name Description
Machine coins Coin Machine Players can use their coins and trade them for keys and hearts. There is a large chance to get nothing.
Machine hp Heart Machine Players can use their HP and trade them for coins, keys, or artifacts. There is a chance to get nothing. Can die from donating all HP, getting an achievement.
Machine keys Key Machine Players can use their keys and trade them for coins and hearts. There is a small chance to get nothing.

Area specific objects[ | ]

Some objects can be encountered only in specific areas. The functionality differs depending on the type of the object.

Image Name Area Description
Swamp trap Trap Swamp Stepping on the tile with the trap on it will activate it after a short delay. It will deal 1 damage to any player/enemy on it.
Graveyard ghost statue

Graveyard ghost

Ghost Graveyard If the statue with flaming eyes is hit, the ghost appears. The ghost chases the nearest enemy or character and deals 2 damage if the one being chased is caught. After dealing damage the ghost disappears and returns to the statue after some time. The ghost cannot be damaged in any way, the only way to avoid it is to run away or hide against other environment objects. If the ghost is triggered and there are no enemies or characters nearby or if they are out of ghost's sight, ghost disappears and silently stays in that position. Once any enemy or character comes nearby, It will chase them.
Redforest spore Spore Red Forest Once hit it spawns toxic fumes which spread around with some radius and then fades away. Deals damage to any character or enemy which is in contact with toxic fumes clouds.
Drylakes mud puddle Mud Puddle Dry Lakes Does not deal any damage, but slows down players or enemies while they are stepping on it. Dart and Mud Zit leave mud puddles on death.
Dungeon boulder Boulder Dungeon Stepping on the boulder's lane makes it start rolling. Deals touch damage to any character or enemy.