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Newt is the boss of the Swamp area. He's a hungry frog-like monster who is freshly born when you meet him and is looking for something to be his lunch. It's just unfortunate that the player happens to arrive at that time. Not only will Newt spit Zits at the player, but he will also try to launch his long tongue at players with disregard for where it could land if he misses.

Difficulty[ | ]

As other bosses Newt has different HP depending on how early a player goes through boss door. The earlier - the less difficult (less HP) the boss will be, the later - the more difficult (more HP). The difficulty is represented with the number of skulls in the boss health bar.

Skulls HP (Health Points)
Boss level 1 30
Boss level 2 35
Boss level 3 40

Behaviour[ | ]

Newt has different phases/stages and his behaviour depends on which phase boss is currently in. Those phases are: Zit spitting phase, attack phase, vulnerability phase. Damage can be dealt to Newt only when he's in the vulnerability phase. There are 4 different ways a player can take damage while fighting with Newt: attacked by Newt's tongue, attacked by Zits, stepping on spiky traps or on contact with Newt. More information about each of the phases:

Visuals Phase Description
NewtZitSpitting Zit spitting Between the attacks Newt spits 1-4 Zits which are trying to attack the player.
Newt Attack Phase Attack Newt attacks by trying to hit the player with his tongue.
Newt Vulnerability Phase1 Vulnerability Damage can be dealt to Newt only while his tongue is stuck on the spiky pole.