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Muck is the boss of the Dry Lakes area. It's an ugly mutated fish with sharp teeth trying to tear any moving object to pieces. Aggresive attacks are not the only dangerous threat as merged with mud Muck can make the situation even worse by spitting Muck Flies.

Difficulty[ | ]

As other bosses Muck has different HP depending on how early a player goes through boss door. The earlier - the less difficult (less HP) the boss will be, the later - the more difficult (more HP). The difficulty is represented with the number of skulls in boss health bar.

Skulls HP (Health Points)
Boss level 1 90
Boss level 2 110
Boss level 3 130

Behaviour[ | ]

Muck has different phases/stages and his behaviour depends on which phase boss is currently in. Those phases are: Muck Flies spitting phase, attack/vulnerability phase. Damage can be dealt to Muck only when he's in the attack/vulnerability phase. There are 3 different ways a player can take damage while fighting with Muck: attacked by Muck, on contact with Muck Flies, on contact with Muck while he's in the Muck Flies spitting phase. More information about each of the phases:

Visuals Phase Description
MuckFliesSpitting Muck Flies Spitting Spits about 3 Muck Flies are ramping amount of times that are flying in random directions and deal damage by touching a player.
MuckAttack Attack/Vulnerability Attacks by charging into the player.