Blazing Beaks Wiki

Currently there are two game modes in Blazing Beaks - Story mode and Tournament mode. You can find a short summary below.

Story mode[ | ]

Players: 1-2 local players
In Story mode the aim is to go as far as possible from area to area by killing all the enemies in the level in order to proceed to the next one. The amount of levels in the same area differs depending on the area you are in. The last level of the area has a boss in it. Currently there are 6 different areas: Swamp, Graveyard, Red Forest, Dry Lakes, Dungeon, Rift.

Type of runs
Four different type of runs can be chosen for Story mode:

  • Normal - usual run.
  • Seeded - players can enter seed number which will be used when generating levels. Every time the same seed number is used the same levels layout, the same amount of enemies, the same type of enemies will be generated.
  • Daily Runs - compete with other players in a newly generated run everyday. Each daily run can be played only once and most unlockables cannot be unlocked in this mode.
  • Challenges - Try to beat various twisted challenges.

Three different difficulty levels can be chosen:

  • Easy - enemies have only half HP compared to Normal difficulty.
  • Normal - the intended and usual difficulty level.
  • Hard - enemies are more aggressive and deal twice as more damage as in Normal difficulty.

Tournament mode[ | ]

Players: 2-4 local players
Tournament mode is a battle arena without any enemies (in the graveyard there is a ghost who chases you)where players compete against each other. The aim is to defeat all the other players. The amount of rounds, starting HP and area can be selected. Note that new areas are unlocked only when they are visited for the first time in Story mode. There are several types of tournaments:

  • Deathmatch - Everyone by themselves. Last beak standing wins.
  • One gun mode - Each player starts with the same randomly chosen weapon which cannot be changed in that round.
  • Drop Hearts mode - A player drops some hearts when he is hurt and either he or any other player can collect them.
  • Skull keeper mode - Grab and keep the golden skull without losing it for a certain amount of time and all your opponents will lose 1 HP.
  • Hunting mode - Each player starts with a spear in their possession. Once you throw it, you need to grab it before you can throw it again.