Blazing Beaks Wiki

Each level has 1 up to 3 doors which lead to different levels.
Below you will find the explanation where going through each door leads to in Blazing Beaks.

Doors[ | ]

Image Title Description
Door next Regular door Leads to the next level.
Door shop Shop door Leads to the shop. Blingy is guaranteed to spawn when finding the shop door while holding 2 or less coins. Enemies cannot drop artifacts when a shop door is present.
Door boss Boss door Leads to the boss level
Door locked Locked door Leads to a locked level. Needs to be unlocked with a key.
Door secret Secret door Leads to a secret level. When taking damage a blue indicator will show you the location, shoot it before it disappears to open it up.

There can only be either a locked door or a shop door on the same level.