Blazing Beaks Wiki

Items in Blazing Beaks can be dropped by the Crow in the shop in exchange of collected artifacts that are brought to her. Also they can be looted in secret or locked rooms and there's a chance to loot them from the Hearts Machine. Defeated boss drops items too.
Below you can find the summary of all the items in Blazing Beaks.


Item Name Description How to unlock Co-op only
Coupon.png Coupon 30% discount for weapons in the store No
Red juice.png Red Juice Refills your HP and if you already have full HP adds 1 max HP No
Bag of money.png Bag of Money +10 coins No
Deft wings.png Deft Wings Increases reload speed and fire rate by 20% No
Piggy bank.png Piggy Bank +1 coin every time you enter next level No
Compass.png Compass Increases chance to loot more keys and locked doors appear more often No
Reinforced ammo.png Reinforced Ammo Weapon deals +20% damage No
Voodoo doll.png Voodoo Doll Reduces HP for all the enemies by 10%. Effective from next level No
Hourglass.png Hourglass Chance to get 1 HP by entering next level No
Blood bag.png Blood Bag Reviving co-op player does not take health from you Yes
Helmet.png Helmet Chance that on taking damage your HP will not be reduced No
Lock pick set.png Lock Pick Set Chance that the locked door will be unlocked No
Loyalty card.png Loyalty Card Increased chance to get better weapons in the shop No
Lost package.png Lost Package 50/50 You can find an artifact inside or gives +1 HP and +1 max HP No
Mushroom.png Mushroom +1 max HP, +1 HP No
Needle.png Needle Ability to deal damage when touching enemies No
Rubber boots.png Rubber Boots Immunity to acid No
Rusted coin.png Rusted Coin +5 coins and increases chance to loot more coins No
Training book.png Training Book Chance that your weapon's shot can deal 2 times more damage No
Treasure map.png Treasure Map Chance to get more loot No
Wild berries.png Wild Berries +1 max HP No
Bubble wrap.png Bubble Wrap When damage taken is 3 or more, reduces damage by 1 No
Lantern.png Lantern Increases chance to loot more artifacts No
Lottery ticket.png Lottery Ticket Chance that you will not be charged for weapon purchase in the shop No
Magic roots.png Magic Roots +2 max HP, +2 HP No
Medal of honor.png Medal of Honor 25% chance to drop a heart when you take damage No
Metal detector.png Metal detector Doubles the chance to loot more coins but decreases the chance to loot hearts by 50% No
Binoculars.png Binoculars Increases chance to loot more items No
Keychain.png Keychain Doubles the chance to loot more keys No
Blank check.png Blank check Takes all of your coins and gives to co-op player and +1 key for you Yes
Bitter herb.png Bitter herb +2 max HP and -1 HP No
Cooked plump plant.png Cooked Plump-Plant +2 max HP No
Duplicator.png Duplicator Doubles the amount of coins you currently have or gives you 10 if you had none No
Golden heart.png Golden heart +1 coin when you take damage No
Idol.png Idol Chance to increase max HP instead of HP when picking up the heart No
Jar with stardust.png Jar with Stardust Decreases explosion range No
Love.png Love -1 HP from you and +1 max HP to co-op player Yes
Magnet.png Magnet Passively pulls hearts and coins towards you No
Pot.png Pot Decreases coin fade time but increases coin loot chance No
Scope.png Scope +15% weapon range No
Stethoscope.png Stethoscope Doubles the chance to loot more hearts No
Transdimensional pizza.png Transdimensional Pizza -1 max HP, restores all HP and +20% weapon damage No
Bayonet.png Bayonet +30% weapon damage, -20% weapon range No
Boomerang.png Boomerang When you take damage every enemy takes 1 damage too. Effective once per level. No
Cloak.png Cloak Enemies don't see you for 5 seconds after you jump out of the hatch No
Golden award.png Golden Award +1 coin for each artifact that you will pick up No
Golden bullet.png Golden Bullet Weapon deals +0.5% damage for every coin you have No
Lunch box.png Lunch Box Chance to have less enemies in locked levels No
Sandwich.png Sandwich Adds your HP to your max HP but not more than 3 No
Screwdriver.png Screwdriver Increases reload speed and fire rate by 30%, +10% weapon damage No
Second wind.png Second Wind If you have 1 HP left your weapon deals double damage No
Frying pan.png Frying Pan Doubles invincibility time after you take damage No
Duck scout badge.png Duck Scout Badge Increases your run speed by 15% No
Ruby.png Ruby +1 max HP if you don't lose any HP during boss fight No
Pillow.png Pillow Immunity to explosions No
Tag.png Tag +1 max HP if you buy all three weapons in the shop in one visit No
Spring.png Spring +10% reload speed and fire rate No
Fortune cookie.png Fortune Cookie When you pick up an artifact it can drop loot No
Bucket.png Bucket Bosses drop more loot if players do not lose any HP during boss fight No
Gas mask.png Gas Mask Immunity for toxic fumes No
Blue gem.png Blue Gem Decreases cooldown time by 15% for active ability No
Key pouch.png Key Pouch You get all co-op player's keys when one dies Yes
Coin pouch.png Coin Pouch You get all co-op player's coins when one dies Yes
Rubber gloves.png Rubber Gloves Reduces amount of acid pools spawned by enemies or bosses No
Ice cream.png Ice Cream The enemy who deals damage to you then freezes No
Sparkly moss.png Sparkly Moss +3 seconds for secret door indicator visibility time No
Rubber duck.png Rubber Duck Loot will be dropped on co-op player's death Yes
Crystal ball.png Crystal Ball Indicates where the secret doors are No
Crate.png Crate When you purchase a weapon in the shop that slot will be refilled No
Duct tape.png Duct Tape 20% chance of getting +0.1 risk value for each artifact you have by entering the next level No
Coil.png Coil Enemies who deal you damage will be kicked off No
Frozen mirror.png Frozen Mirror 10% chance of freezing all active enemies for 3 seconds on taking damage No

Locked Items[]

Item Name To unlock Description Co-op only
Sponge.png Sponge Kill 200 Acid Zits Reduces acid fade time by 30% No
Gift bag.png Gift Bag Purchase or pick up 100 weapons +1 HP for every weapon purchase No
Shovel.png Shovel Loop once Chance to loot something when you destroy bushes No
Basket.png Basket Revive the same co-op player at least twice in a single run If you have full HP, collecting hearts adds HP to a co-op player Yes
Nut.png Nut Collect 5 hearts for the co-op player via the Basket item The revived co-op player will have full HP Yes