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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Blazing Beaks. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[ | ]

Story mode[ | ]

Story mode is driven by a unique items/artifacts risk reward system. Killed enemies and bosses can drop cursed artifacts. Each artifact has a negative effect on a player's characteristics and further progress in the game. For example, an artifact can reduce the player's weapon range, reduce their fire rate, or can take away a coin each time the player takes damage and etc. However, taking that risk has a payoff. Cursed artifacts can be brought to Crow in the shop and exchanged for good items which have various positive effects. A player has to kill all the enemies in a level to proceed to the next one while having to cope with the negative effects that all the picked up artifacts give. Being too greedy by picking up every single artifact can make it much easier to die so the player should take into consideration how difficult it might be to survive to bring all those artifacts to Crow in the shop. Story mode can be played with 1-2 players, and some artifacts, abilities, and items can only be dropped in two-player mode, adding a new level of complexity to the game if you choose to play with a friend.

Tournament mode[ | ]

Although there are 5 different tournament modes, the main aim remains the same - to beat all your opponents and be the last beak standing. Different tournament modes require different play styles and tactics. For example, in Skull Keeper mode, a player would need to keep the skull in possession as long as possible, so player should look for spots to hide from opponent bullets, and slide a lot to dodge the bullets. In Deathmatch a player should shoot accurately, guess opponents' moves, try to be the first to pick up a box with new weapon and be the sole survivor. Tournament can be played by 2-4 players. Players can choose how many rounds to play, how much HP each player starts with and which area the players will start in. New areas for tournament can be unlocked by encountering them for the first time in Story mode.

Controls[ | ]

Blazing Beaks can be played using keyboard and mouse and/or controllers. Game supports not only Xbox 360, Xbox One or other X-Input controllers, but also PS4 and other regular ones. There are several settings in the game that make controls a bit easier. If "Run and Aim" setting is ON, player aims at the same direction where player is running. For players who use keyboard controls there is an option to turn on "No mouse mode" which lets aim with arrow keys on the keyboard without using a mouse, otherwise mouse is used to aim, shoot (left mouse button) and use active ability (right mouse button).

Keyboard keys map[ | ]

Key Action
W To go up
A To go left
S To go down
D To go right
E or Return To interact
Esc To pause
Space To shoot (only with "No mouse" mode ON)
Shift To use active ability (only with "No mouse" mode ON)
I To aim up (only with "No mouse" mode ON)
J To aim left (only with "No mouse" mode ON)
K To aim down (only with "No mouse" mode ON)
L To aim right (only with "No mouse" mode ON)

Controller keys map[ | ]

Key (Xbox controllers) Key (PlayStation controllers) Action
Left stick Left stick To walk
Right stick Right stick To aim
RT R2 To shoot
LT L2 To use active ability
A X To interact
Menu or Start Start To pause

Tips and tricks[ | ]

  • Try to kill the nearest and the most dangerous enemies first upon entering the level.
  • Try to avoid level sections where you could be trapped by enemies.
  • Use bushes as a shelter to hide from enemies or escape from bullets.
  • Use Feather ability to dodge the bullets.
  • Clear the level first and only then pick up the artifacts that were dropped, if any.
  • Use keys to unlock locked level doors.
  • Save coins to buy a better weapon in the shop.
  • Treat artifacts as rules meant to hinder you, consider the consequences.

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