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Evil Teal is the boss of the Rift area.

Difficulty[ | ]

As with other bosses Evil Teal has different HP depending on how early a player goes through boss door. The earlier - the less difficult (less HP) boss will be, the later - the more difficult (more HP). The difficulty is represented with the number of skulls in the boss health bar.

Skulls HP (Health Points)
Boss level 1 220
Boss level 2 280
Boss level 3 330

Behaviour[ | ]

The Evil Teal boss has different phases/stages and his behaviour depends on which phase he is currently in. Those phases are: rampage phase, getting sick phase. Damage can be dealt to Evil Teal only while Evil Teal feels sick. There are 5 different ways a player can take damage while fighting with Evil Teal: damage from Evil Teal projectiles, damage from rocks thrown at the player, on contact with Evil Teal, damage from enemies that appear from goo or damage from Muck flies which appear from the piles of artifacts when the Evil Teal rams into them. More information about each of the phases:

Visuals Phase Description
Evil teal rampages Rampage Phase Rampages angrily while jumping, smashing, and throwing rocks and trying to rip the player apart.
Evil teal vulnerable Vulnerability phase Gets sick, spits goo which spawns enemies and goes to an artifact rock to get back his energy.