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Different areas have different mutants and monsters that are enemies. Some of the enemies can be met in all the areas. The behavior of each enemy is different, some of them are immobile. They have different attack patterns and different ways to deal damage to the players.
Below you can find the summary of all the enemies in Blazing Beaks.


Enemy Name HP Damage Description Area
Enemy zit.png
Zit 1 Touch: 1 Starts to chase a player when in range. Deals contact damage. All areas
Enemy acid zit.png
Acid Zit 1 Touch: 1 Starts to chase a player when in range. Deals contact damage. Spawns acid puddles on contact/death. All areas
Enemy zit egg.png
Zit Egg 1 none Erupts on death or if a player is too close. Releases Zits and/or Acid Zits on eruption All areas
Enemy turnip.png
Turnip 2 Projectile: 1 Fires at player on sight. Swamp
Enemy invisible frog.png
Invisible Frog 3 Projectile: 2 Follows player while invisible, but leaves footprints. Appears and attacks when a player is nearby. It´s attack is cancable by dealing enough damage to it. Swamp
Enemy spawner.png
Spawner 3 Explosion: 2 Spawns an egg when taking damage or when a player comes too close. Swamp
Enemy brute.png
Brute 7 Charge: 3 Attacks by charging. Starts attacking player in sight. Cannot be stopped when attacking. Graveyard
Enemy fake penguin.png
Fake Penguin 6 Projectile: 2 Walks towards the player. Fires a bullet when player is in sight. Graveyard
Enemy fat fly.png
Fat Fly 6 Explosion: 3

Touch: 1

Chases the player when taking damage or when the player is too close. Explodes on contact/death. Graveyard
Enemy worm.png
Worm 3 Projectile: 2

Touch: 1

Immobile enemy. Fires projectile at player's position. Cannot be damaged when it hides in the ground. Graveyard
Enemy puffus.png
Puffus 3 Projectile: 1 Spins around firing bullets when player is in range. Chance to act as mine on death. Graveyard
Enemy foofoo.png
Foofoo 4 Jump on you: 3

Touch: 2

Jumps around towards the player. Fluffy but dangerous. Red Forest
Enemy scarlet.png
Scarlet 8 Projectile: 2

Touch: 1

Attacks on taking damage. Fires 3 bullets, slightly spread-out, in the direction from which damage was taken from. Red Forest
Enemy crystal snail.png
Crystal Snail 6 Projectile: 3 Fires bullets in all directions on taking damage or if the player is nearby. Red Forest
Enemy jut.png
Jut 6 Lightning: 2

Touch: 1

Releases lightning bolt towards the player while player is in sight and in range. Lightning follows player for some time. Red Forest
Enemy spur.png
Spur 5 Projectile: 2 Walks towards the player. Rolls fast towards player when player is in sight but not in close range. Fires 2 bullets one after another with a slight delay when player is nearby. Red Forest
Enemy creep.png
Creep 5 Charge: 2 Cannot be harmed while hiding under a rock. Deals contact damage. Will come out of its cover when the player gets too close. Red Forest
Enemy pinky.png
Pinky 6 Projectile: 2 Stops walking when player is in sight and in range and fires grenade at player. Dry Lakes
Enemy dart.png
Dart 6 Projectile: 2 Starts aiming as soon as a player is in sight and shoots a fast travelling bullet. Dry Lakes
Enemy pin.png
Pin 5 Spikes: 1


Pops out of the ground when player is nearby and when in sight attacks by ejecting a line of spikes from the ground. Dry Lakes
Enemy snapper.png
Snapper 3 Bite: 2 Accelerates towards player when nearby, pops out of the ground and attacks. Cannot be harmed while underground. Dry Lakes
Enemy mud zit.png
Mud Zit 3 Touch: 1 Starts to chase a player when in range. Deals contact damage. Leaves mud puddles on death. Dry Lakes
Enemy muck fly.png
Muck Fly 0.1 Touch: 1 Flies in random directions. Deals contact damage Dry Lakes
Enemy lump.png
Lump 13 Touch: 1 Spawns Zits from time to time. Dungeon
Enemy rat.png
Rat 9 Projectile: 2 Walks towards the player. Fires a fan pattern of 3 bullets when player is in sight and in range. Dungeon
Enemy fuss.png
Fuss 10 Charge: 3 Walks randomly, attacks when player is in sight and in range. Dungeon
Enemy spark slug.png
Spark Slug 9 Projectile: 2 Charges from time to time and fires a projectile towards player. Dungeon
Enemy snowball spider.png
Snowball Spider 5 Projectile: 1

Touch: 1

Too cute to do something bad while alive. On death explodes into projectiles with freeze ability. Dungeon
Enemy stack.png
Stack 9 Smash: 1 or 2 or 3 Runs towards player and smashes the ground. Has an ability to regenerate health. Rift
Enemy peep.png
Peep 12 Beam: 2 Walks randomly, screams releasing laser beam towards player. Rift
Enemy moss.png
Moss 12 Projectile: 2 Bounces towards player and spews bunch of projectiles. Rift
Enemy hoax.png
Hoax 14 Tongue: 3 Attacks with twisting tongue when player is in sight and in range. Rift
Enemy blingy.png
Blingy 7 None Deals no contact damage and will flee on sight. Drops coins if killed. All areas
Enemy ravel.png
Ravel 3 Charge: 2 Attacks by transforming and charging into the player and can only be killed in this shape. All areas (after loop)