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Bogy is the boss of the Graveyard area. Although at first glance Bogy looks like a tiny, peaceful critter, everything changes when he crawls into his shell. Bogy rolls around trying to knock down anyone in his way. Even when he stops rolling he's a tough enemy to stop - he spits spinning bones that must be avoided.

Difficulty[ | ]

As other bosses Bogy has different hit points depending on how early a player goes through boss door. The earlier - the less difficult (less HP) the boss will be, the later - the more difficult (more HP). The difficulty is represented by the number of skulls in the boss health bar.

Skulls HP (Health Points)
Boss level 1 40
Boss level 2 48
Boss level 3 56

Behaviour[ | ]

Bogy boss has different phases/stages and his behaviour depends on which phase he is currently in. Those phases are: rolling phase, attack/vulnerability phase. Damage can be dealt to Bogy only when he's in the attack/vulnerability phase. There are 3 different ways a player can take damage while fighting with Bogy: damaged by Bogy's projectiles, rolled over by Bogy, stepping on acid pools that Bogy leaves when he bounces from the walls. More information about each of the phases:

Visuals Phase Description
Bogy Rolling Phase1 Rolling Rolls towards the player, bounces from the walls and leaves acid pools.
Bogy Attack Vulnerability Phase1 Attack/Vulnerability Spits bonemerang projectiles. Normal ones fly where the player was at the moment of spitting, sparkly ones try to predict where the player will be and fly in that direction.