Blazing Beaks Wiki

Artifacts/items exchange system is the core element in Blazing Beaks. Picking up and carrying them makes the character weaker or has any other negative effect. Each artifact has its risk value - the higher it is, the bigger negative effect it has. Enemies can drop artifacts and artifacts can be dropped when boss is defeated. Also there's a chance to loot them from machines. The indicator of the total sum of risk value carried is shown on the top of the screen in a bar above the coins icon. The number next to the bar shows how many items player will certainly get when exchanging artifacts in the shop and the value in the bar shows how much risk value is still needed to collect for additional item.
Below you will find the summary artifacts in Blazing Beaks.


Artifact Name Risk Value Description Co-op only
Artefact poison spearhead.png Poisoned Spearhead 1.3 Reduces reload speed and fire rate by 40% No
Artefact oblivion stone.png Oblivion Stone 0.3 Takes away your active ability No
Artefact infected bandages.png Infected Bandages 1.5 -1 HP every time you enter next level unless you have only 1 HP left No
Artefact torn bag.png Torn Bag 0.3 Chance to lose 1 coin or/and 1 key every time you enter next level No
Artefact wooden heart.png Wooden Heart 0.4 -50% chance to loot hearts No
Artefact eye mask.png Eye Mask 0.5 Decreases weapon accuracy by 14%. Shot may vary in that range. No
Artefact toxic substance.png Toxic Substance 0.6 Triples Acid or Toxic Fumes damage for you No
Artefact green crystal.png Green Crystal 1.3 -30% weapon damage No
Artefact nettle.png Nettle 1.0 You can't pick up hearts No
Artefact black potato.png Black Potato 0.2 Every time you lose 1 HP you also lose 2 coins No
Artefact monsters heart.png Monster's Heart 0.5 Every time you pick up a heart you lose 3 coins No
Artefact enemys eye.png Enemy's Eye 0.9 -40% weapon range No
Artefact broken lock.png Broken Lock 0.2 70% chance to break a key on trying to use it No
Artefact orb of spikes.png Orb of Spikes 0.4 You can't pick up keys No
Artefact small wallet.png Small Wallet 0.4 You can't pick up coins No
Artefact dagger of betrayal.png Dagger of betrayal 1.4 Co-op player loses 3 HP instantly Yes
Artefact toy scanner.png Toy Scanner 0.5 No coin or key drops No
Artefact cracked clock.png Cracked Clock 0.2 Decreases fade time by half for coins and hearts No
Artefact trap.png Trap 0.7 Takes away all of your coins permanently No
Artefact venom.png Venom 0.7 Does not allow you to pick up an ability No
Artefact grappling hook.png Grappling Hook 0.7 When a player picks up a heart, co-op player loses 1 HP Yes
Artefact toy gun.png Toy gun 0.5 Makes co-op players swap their weapons Yes
Artefact coal.png Coal 0.9 Your projectile's speed is reduced by 50% No
Artefact shackles.png Shackles 0.3 Doubles cooldown time for your active ability No
Artefact bogy bone.png Bogy Bone 0.7 Reduces your run speed by 30% No
Artefact handcuffs.png Handcuffs 1.4 If you take damage, co-op player takes damage too Yes
Artefact empty box.png Empty Box 1.0 There will be no weapons to buy in the shop No
Artefact token.png Token 0.3 You drop your collected coins on taking damage No
Artefact ice cube.png Ice Cube 0.3 Co-op player cannot be revived next time you enter the shop having this artifact Yes
Artefact splinter.png Splinter 1.6 Crow does not accept artifacts from anyone till next area No
Artefact bait.png Bait 0.5 You take 1 damage every time your active ability is charged unless you have last HP left No
Artefact small spore.png Small Spore 0.4 Acid or toxic fumes do not deal damage to enemies or bosses No
Artefact larvas tusk.png Larva's Tusk 0.8 Random player takes 1 damage Yes
Artefact sand.png Sand 0.5 No loot from enemies No
Artefact dirty bubble gum.png Dirty Bubble Gum 0.5 15% chance that your weapon will jam No
Artefact guts.png Guts 0.7 -1 HP and -1 max HP when leaving uncollected artifacts unless it is your last HP/max HP left No
Artefact dead slug.png Dead Slug 1.3 Decreases your run speed, reload speed, fire rate and weapon damage by 25% No
Artefact death.png Death 1.8 You die instantly by touching any enemy No
Artefact rope loop.png Rope loop 0.6 Uncollected coins make you lose all your collected coins No
Artefact sickle disk.png Sickle Disk 1.5 On taking damage max HP is removed too No
Artefact cage.png Cage 0.7 Player with fewer HP cannot shoot Yes
Artefact dead bug.png Dead Bug 0.6 When enemy dies not from your shot -3 coins or -1 key if you have no coins left No
Artefact tangled fingers.png Tangled Fingers 1.3 Player cannot shoot while another player is holding fire trigger Yes
Artefact deadly plant.png Deadly Plant 0.3 Increases amount of acid pools spawned by enemies or bosses No
Artefact invisible key.png Invisible Key 0.4 No locked or secret doors. Effective from next level No
Artefact newts tongue.png Newt's Tongue 0.5 Does not allow you to pick up any artifacts No
Artefact magma.png Magma 0.5 Increases explosion range by 50% No
Artefact old slipper.png Old Slipper 0.5 Increases movement speed for enemies No
Artefact rusted bolt.png Rusted Bolt 1.0 Cannot shoot for 5 seconds after taking damage No
Artefact leech.png Leech 1.8 Your HP is reduced by half every time you enter next level No
Artefact explosive gold.png Explosive Gold 0.4 Dropped coins explode on disappearing No
Artefact explosive heart.png Explosive Heart 0.4 Dropped hearts explode on disappearing No
Artefact goblet of mire.png Goblet of Mire 0.5 Teleports you to the hatch every time you take damage No
Artefact black matter.png Black Matter 2.5 You die instantly Yes
Artefact anomaly.png Anomaly 1.6 Reduces fire rate or run speed or weapon damage by entering the next level No
Artefact dust.png Dust 0.4 Dropped artifacts disappear after 5 seconds No
Artefact paranoia.png Paranoia 0.8 Cannot shoot for 7 seconds after you jump out of the hatch No
Artefact poop.png .--. --- --- .--. 1.1 You lose all artifacts on co-op player's death Yes
Artefact radioactive donut.png Radioactive Donut 1.2 -0.2 risk value on taking damage No
Artefact red wire.png Red Wire 0.6 Teleports players to the hatch if they are too far from each other Yes
Artefact splitter.png Splitter 1.7 Clones all active enemies if you take damage. Effective once per level No
Artefact surprise.png Surprise 2.0 When an enemy is killed by your shot a bomb is thrown at you No
Artefact pocket ghost.png Pocket Ghost 1.5 You will be chased by a deadly ghost in every level No
Artefact red balloon.png Red Balloon 0.9 After taking damage all HP above 1 will be dropped as hearts No
Artefact phantom leaf.png Phantom Leaf 1.8 For each bush that you destroy a deadly ghost will appear No
Artefact invisible heart.png Invisible Heart 0.5 All dropped hearts that are far away from the players will be invisible No
Artefact odd egg.png Odd Egg 0.8 An explosive egg will be placed on the hatch after you jump out of it No
Artefact dice.png Dice 0.9 Newly dropped artifacts will be unknown till picking them up No
Artefact grease.png Grease 1.7 Reduces reload speed and fire rate by 70% and doubles cooldown time for active ability No

Locked Artifacts[]

Artifact Name Risk Value To unlock Description Co-op only
Artefact horns.png Horns 1.0 Loop once +50% HP for all the enemies and bosses. Effective from next level No
Artefact hot coin.png Hot Coin 1.0 Use coins machine at least once You take 1 damage by touching coins No
Artefact shadow.png Shadow 0.6 Purchase or pick up every single weapon at least once 20% chance to add HP to an enemy instead of dealing damage No
Artefact crutch.png Crutch 1.5 Collect at least 30 Rusted Bolt artifacts Cannot shoot while walking No
Artefact grease.png Grease 1.7 Die in the shop Reduces reload speed and fire rate by 70% and doubles cooldown time for active ability No
Artefact reaper.png Reaper 0.5 Die to the pocket ghost artifact Levels will not have any bushes to hide against No
Artefact slime.png Slime 0.9 Kill at least 50 Spark Slug enemies Reduces walking speed every time you enter the next level No
Artefact barbed wire.png Barbed Wire 1.6 Make Newt boss kill at least 10 Zits with its tongue Enemies deal double damage. Effective from the next level No
Artefact greed.png Greed 1.1 Have at least 10 artifacts in your possession You lose all artifacts on taking damage No
Artefact scrap.png Scrap 0.3 Die on the first floor of a run There will only be one weapon slot available in the shop No
Artefact slag.png Slag 0.8 Complete at least one level with 3 Dirty Bubble Gum artifacts in possession Changes your current weapon to a pistol on taking damage No