Blazing Beaks Wiki

These active abilities can be collected in the game and used by the player. Picking up the new ability replaces the previous one. Abilities can be very useful in various situations and give more flexibility on the playstyle. Each character starts with Feather ability by default.
Below you can find the summary of all the active abilities in Blazing Beaks.


Ability Name Description Cooldown Time
Ability feather.png Feather Ability to fast slide and dodge projectiles 0.6 seconds
Ability icicle.png Icicle Ability to freeze all active enemies for 3 s 15 seconds
Ability bubble.png Bubble Ability to turn on a shield protecting you from projectiles for 5 s 15 seconds
Ability propeller.png Propeller Ability to push enemies away from you 5 seconds
Ability teleporter.png Teleporter Ability to teleport yourself on to the hatch 8 seconds
Ability iron wings.png Iron Wings Ability to increase fire rate for 3 s 15 seconds
Ability teddy.png Teddy Ability to be invincible for 3 s 20 seconds
Ability egg bomb.png Egg Bomb Ability to lay a Spawner's Egg 7 seconds
Ability nails.png Nails Ability to deal 5 damage for each nearby enemy and 1 to yourself 1 second

Locked Abilities[]

Ability Name To Unlock Description Cooldown Time Co-op only
Ability trigger.png Trigger Don't open the chest in the shop Ability to make all dropped coins and hearts explode 5 seconds No
Ability fuser.png Fuser Don't do business with Crow till the Dungeon area Ability to vanish artifacts in your possession in exchange for +1 HP 3 seconds No
Ability absorber.png Absorber Complete at least one level having the Hot Coin, Nettle artifacts and Magnet item in possession Ability to collect all dropped coins and hearts 16 seconds No
Ability assist.png Assist Collect at least 5 hearts for co-op player in a single run Ability to give your HP to co-op player 0.5 seconds Yes
Ability switch.png Switch Purchase at least 2 random weapons in a single run Ability to get +1 max HP and exchange your weapon and ability to random ones 2 seconds No